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Our Services

Digital Marketing

Our team has a decade of experience in digital marketing and technology. Not only can we strategize and implement data-driven marketing campaigns, but we've developed our own Growth Marketing Operating Model which you can explore through the "Growth Marketing" button below.

Marketing Services:

App Development

We have built seven Shopify apps, three of which are public with over 20,000 merchant installs. We carry an average 4.9/5 star reviews on our apps because they are proven their ability to increase sales and ROI for merchants. If you need custom apps built, feel free to reach out. Check out our app development process here.

Our Public Apps:

  • Scout - The chat-based CRM built specifically for small business retailers
  • Raven Callback - Turn interested site visitors into qualified sales calls
  • Pizza Party - Sends free pizzas to best customers, delivers delightful customer experience

Store Migration and Setup

As merchants first, we understand the benefits of Shopify. With the world rapidly moving to a technology-first culture, it's imperative that your business be poised to leverage new technology shifts. Whether you're using Drupal, Magento, or NOPCommerce, it doesn't matter. Our team of Shopify and migration specialists can quickly and efficiently get you over to Shopify.

Setup Services:

  • Migration to Shopify from Magento, Drupal, NOP, or WooCommerce (Product, Customers, and Orders)
  • Theme customization
  • Workflow Automation
  • Marketing Campaign Migration
  • Shopify training

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