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Who we are

[Consultancy & App Development]

We are an ecommerce consultancy and product development shop. Although a small team, we posses highly specialized skillsets within retail marketing and growth operations. Our team has built and executed on marketing and product development for Fortune 1000 businesses. We have also built our own Shopify stores and worked as developers and marketers for seven-figure online brands.

How we work

[Iterative, Experiment-driven, and Transparent]

The first phase of any engagement is Discovery. We first understand your current state and identify the gaps holding us back from reaching your target objectives. Whether it's for Growth Marketing, or Customer Segmentation, We use lean, agile and iterative methodologies in our workflows. We test everything, and iterate on each capability before deciding to scale and optimize.

What we believe

[Customer Experience is King]

Our goal is to help 100,000 small retailers compete with the big box brands like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot and P&G. We believe having 1,000 small retailers vs one huge retailer is better for local economies, the environment, and consumers and producers alike. To do this we've dedicated the past two years developing competencies in Customer Experience and Retail Marketing. This is because we believe today's competitive advantage for retail is the customer experience. Price and quality is no longer the differentiator it once used to be; for today's retailers it's the relationships they own with their customers that will guarantee growth and profitability.

Where we work

[Toronto, Ontario + Beyond]

Our main office is a converted industrial garage located in the retail technology capital of North America: Toronto, Ontario. We operate right in the backyard of Shopify's biggest office, ensuring we're close to the evolution of retail entrepreneurship. Outside of Toronto, we have design and implementation partners in London, UK; Bangalore, India, and Colombo, Sri Lanka.