Small business advantages

Human-to-human Ecommerce Sales

We build sales & retention technology for online retailers focused on 1-to-1 customer relationships.

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RFM Segmentation

Let's identify 12 unique customer segments to drastically improve sales & retention campaigns.

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Customer experience mapping

Never lose another customer with our 90 day post-sale customer journey map.

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marketing Funnel mapping

Let's visualize your biggest threats and opportunities. This is you first step towards growth.

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Shopify Plugins

Scout Recovery & Retention

Scout is your small business assistant. It's a chat-based CRM for retailers to keep you on top of your customer relationships.

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Callback Request

Turn interested website visitors into qualified sales calls. Callback requests can lead to 50%+ conversion rates.

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Pizza Party

Repeat customers are always more profitable. So earn lifetime customer loyalty by sending free pizzas to your best customers.

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The Complete RFM Segmenation Guide

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