Ecommerce apps

Our Apps Scale Customer Experience

Customer experience is a retailers key differentiator. Customer can find the same value from so many other brands, but they will continue to buy and refer from those brands they have a relationship with.

Niche Products

If you sell niche products then you need to be talking to your audience. Our apps were built especially for you!

Customer Centric

Our apps are built with your customer in mind. We build tools to bring you closer to the right customer at the right time.

Relationship Building

No business is sustainable without 1 on 1 customer relationships. We built our suite of apps to bring you closer to your customers.

Customer Relationship Manager [CRM]

1-on-1 conversation based order recovery and retention

Chat with your personal business assistant

Scout will wait and listen for key customer events to build relationships around. Once an important customer event happens, like an abandoned checkout, Scout alerts you with 1-on-1 conversations you can start. Scout isn't like traditional bulky enterprise CRMs; it was designed for small retail business owners.

Phone Sales

Turn interested website visitors into qualified sales calls

Embed our callback button anywhere on your site

Phone sales are incredible important to your store, whether you've tried it or not. There will always be customers who want instant information about the product and aren't willing to explore your site to find the answers. With our callback request app you'll be connected to interested buyers within seconds of their request, closing sales.

Word of mouth generation

Send free pizzas to your best customers

Create life long brand loyalty and advocacy

How would your customer feel if you sent them a free large pizza directly to their door (with their knowledge of course)? Depending on the type of brand you have, this could be the ultimate (and cheap method) to drive repeat sales and word of mouth. Currently in beta.