Scout is your retail personal assistant with the following sales focused skills


Abandoned Checkout Recovery

💸 Abandoned Checkout Alerts

How it works:

1. Your customer abandons their checkout (they entered their personal details but then dropped it).

2. Scout gives you and your team an instant alert with options to Call, SMS, WhatsApp, or Email the customer with pre-written templates.

3. The 1-on-1 personalized conversation with your potential customer creates trust, and leads to a purchase.

0. Edit minimum checkout values. For example, only get alerts for abandons over $100 so your 1-on-1 attention is required.



Follow-up and Win-backs

⏰ Follow Up Sales

How it works:

1. Every morning at 9:30 am, Scout will send you a list of all customers whose last purchase was 60 days ago, or whenever the product is set to need replacement.

2. Scout's list will include the customer information and one-tap options to start a conversation.

3. Customers who have run out of your product are reminded about repurchasing.

0. Edit reminder timeframe. For example, if your product needs replacing every year consider 364 days as the follow up reminder



New Customer Onboarding

🌱 New Customer Alerts

How it works:

1. Also every morning at 9:30 am, Scout will send you a list of all new customers from the previous 24 hours.

2. Scout's list will include the customer information and one-tap options to start a conversation.

3. First time buyers are highly impressionable to your brand and with a delightful first experience may become life-long customers.

0. Edit purchase minimums so you only see customers who spent above a certain value. Great for large stores who may only want to focus on big spending customers.



VIP Customer Retention

🎊 VIP Customer Alerts

How it works:

1. Whenever a customer becomes one of your best customers, Scout will alert you immediately.

2. You'll know who they are, where they live, and what they've bought, as well as 1-on-1 contacting options.

3. When a customer becomes "VIP" don't ignore it. Send them a free gift, a free pizza, or just call and say "thank you!" A small gesture of your appreciation will pay off huge dividends over time.

0. You get to tell Scout what a VIP is to you. Once you set the threshold, Scout will be on look out.



Returning Buyer Loyalty

🏆 Repurchase Alerts

How it works:

1. As soon as a customer makes a re-order, it's cause for celebration. They wouldn't have repurchased if you didn't do your job well.

2. Scout will alert you about the returning customer with one-tap actions you can take and build a better relationship.

3. Customers who repurchase are more likely to buy more frequently and spend more. And so just like the VIP customers, it's worth your time to build a relationship so they don't switch suppliers.

0. Set the alert for a 2nd order, or an 8th order, it's up to you. Scout will notify you when that happens.


Talk to your customers

Create 1-on-1 conversations through any of the following channels with pre-written templates to start the conversation on the right foot.