What makes Raven Callback one of the best apps on Shopify?

Easy. Because for tens of thousands of years people have done commerce through one on one conversations. Just because we have online stores now doesn't mean interested customers don't want to speak with us to get to know us, our mission, our brand story, and learn about the benefits of our products. It's all about trust. And in an Ecommerce Plugin ecosystem where almost every app is about automation, Raven Callback is unlike any other.

Can I see examples of Raven on stores?

Definitely, check the attached image linking to Nadeef Bidets, or several of the others stores linked below. These just just a handful of the thousands of stores using Raven Callback to increase sales.

View 10 Example Stores

How does it reduce abandoned carts?

Customers abandon carts because of last minute concerns or questions. With Raven Callback you can add an easy to click button on product pages or the Cart pages as well. So instead of leaving their cart and forgetting, they can ask you to call them back.

(Real Raven Dashboard)

What kind of conversion rates should I expect?

The image attached shows an actual customer that has been using the callback app for a little under a month. They have received 16 callback requests, of which six had converted. That is a 38% conversion rate, with the average revenue per request $143. Bringing the total extra sales generated to $2,282 in the past 30 days.

Where can I embed the callback request button?

You can embed the button anywhere you want. This obviously includes anywhere on your ecommerce store, as well as hyperlinked anywhere else like emails, digital ads, blogs or partner websites (like this).

How can I customize my button design and placement?

By pasting the embed script anywhere you wish in your theme code editor. If you are not comfortable enough to do that, we can do that for you. Just follow these steps...

How am I alerted about Callback requests?

You can add as many emails as you wish for alerts. Raven will email you all the customer details as soon as leads come in so your customers can get callback within seconds. You can also add Facebook Messenger.

What if I'm not available to call back immediately?

We have several ways around this. Firstly, when you configure Raven, you can edit your store hours and daily availability, so customers can schedule call back times during your store's opening hours. Secondly, you can add as many team members to your alerts as possible, so if you're not available, someone else can make the call. And finally, you can customize your Auto-SMS to let your interested customers know you'll call back as soon as possible.

Why are callback buttons better than live chat?

Live chat buttons and contact forms were not designed for the fast-paced and highly competitive ecommerce market. They were designed for B2B and SaaS businesses. It's 2019, your customers have so many options to choose from, and they won't want to (and don't have to) wait for someone to get back to them. Commerce has always been done on a 1-on-1 conversation, and so this is our mission to recreate. Go ahead, visit Allied Cycles and click their call back button. See how fast they respond (during opening hours).

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