Button Examples

The Callback button can be completely customized. Anything you can't edit from the Admin, you can CSS code. If you are not familiar with CSS, just reach out through these instructions, and we can do it for you. Below are some examples custom callback buttons we've done. We've shown mobile screens only because in Shopify's 2018 year-end report they revealed 67% of their platform sales were through mobile devices.

Why is callback button better than chat?

Live chat buttons and contact forms were not designed for the fast-paced and highly competitive ecommerce market. They were designed for B2B and SaaS businesses. It's 2019, your customers have so many options to choose from, and they won't want to (and don't have to) wait for someone to get back to them. Commerce has always been done on a 1-on-1 conversation, and so this is our mission to recreate. Go ahead, visit Allied Cycles and click their call back button. See how fast they respond (during opening hours) and imagine how many more sales you would make if you could offer the same service.

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